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Your live music 



Load your backing tracks or loops and get a full sound without having to rely on

a full band. Play drum loops, stems and tracks without loosing time.

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Get Your Apps

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Groovy Loopz

Drum Loop Player- No more bulky gadgets for your live performance or rehearsal. Groovy Loopz features loads of drum loops/click tracks across various genres & styles to beef up your performances...more

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Live Chopz

Audio multi-track player- A dynamic multitrack song section player, great for live performances. It is perfect for rearranging sections of your music on the fly in a live setting; no need to worry about performing to fixed backing track arrangements...more

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What People Say

Dr W'

Live Chopz is simply  GENIUS

You need no laptop, you can customize a piece of music to suit your purpose.

Even when someone on the team losses their timing, this app has the ability to catch you exactly where you are and bring you back in time. Keep up the good work.


I’ve been stuck on Live Chopz Multi for 2 days and I tell you when you figure this out and know your way around it it’s best app for musicians I love it and I recommend every bit of it.


The game changer

This beats using iTunes, or any other program you use to play stems, loops, etc.. It's so simple to use. I've had the chance to use it for a couple of months. I don't use Ableton much. I do everything from my phone

or iPad.

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