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Groovy Loopz
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No More Bulk

If you have a performance/ rehearsal and you don't want to carry that bulky MPC, laptop or drum machine?

Groove Loopz (GL) is your answer.

GL features loads of drum loops/ click tracks across various genres and styles to beef-up your performances.

Most importantly you can easily customize drum loop names and save them to your setlist for easy access during performances.

Within the setlist, you can lock the tempo of the currently playing drum loop so that subsequently selected drums loops play at this tempo.


Using Groovy Loopz is as easy as:

* Browsing and selecting a drum loop.

* Adjusting the drum loop tempo and hitting play.

* Renaming drum loop as desired and saving to your setlist.

* Recalling and playing any previously saved drum loops from your setlist.


Key Features:

* Re-adjust drum loop tempo up/down in real-time.

* Tap tempo.

* Start/ stop audio playback with zero latency enhancing real-time user experience.

* Customize drum loop names and save to setlist for easy access during performances.

* Easy search for drum loops in setlist / presets.

* Re-order drum loops in setlist. 

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