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Live Chopz tutorial 


[Project/Song Management]

How to create a new project/song

How to open/load a project

How to save a project

How to rename a project

How to share a project

How to remove/delete a Project 

How to access a project’s audio folder

How to merge 2 projects 

How to replace section details of a project


[Setlist Management]

How to add/remove a Setlist

How to rename a Setlist

How to copy projects across Setlist1

How to reorder projects within a setlist 

How to delete all projects within a Setlist


[File Import/Export]

How to import custom audio/project files

How to upload a project to the User Cloud Storage 

How to export/share a Project

How to mix down & export a Projects’ audio files 


[Audio File Management]

How to manage audio files within Project document files


[Section Detail Management]

How to add, remove & delete sections

How to label & rename sections 

How to duplicate sections

How to edit section details (bpm, original bpm, time signature, pitch & first beat times)

How to edit section start end times 

How to export an audio section 

How to create a custom song arrangement


[Special Section label behavior]

Group/Ungroup section 

Loop section 

Safety section

Transition section


[Audio interface connection]


[Hidden functions/features]

Top view

Timecode button  long-pres

Folder button long-press


Dropdown view

Tempo display long-pressed

Click button long-pressed

Voice cue long-pressed


Transport view

Play button long-pressed

  • 2,3,5 second fadeout options

  • Section pre-roll


Setting button long-pressed

  • Launches Memory Usage

  • Skip forward/backward buttons load the previous/next song within the current setlist



Mixer channels 

Audio track Channels 

Audio track- Bus assignments

Bus reset



Bus channels 

Bus channels 

Bus - Output assignments

Output reset



Master channel 


Bus-Mixer toggle button


Other Mixer actions

Save bus channel state 

Load bus channel files 

Add New audio track



MIDI-In (Mapping)

MIDI-Out (Cue Assignment)


[UI Overview]


Top View

Bar display

Time display 

Linear timecode button

MIDI button

Files/Folder Button

Current Song display

Mixer Button 

Section follow button

Section edit button

Dropdown button


Dropdown View

Tap button

Project tempo minus

Project tempo button

Project tempo plus

Tempo lock

Section Jump Mode

Quantize button 

First beat start position 

First beat sync button 

Click button 

Voice cues button 


Transport View

Safety button

Loop button 

Skip back button 

Rewind button 

Play/Pause button 

Forward button 

Skip forward button 

Setting button 

Scissors button 

Progress slider 

Volume button



Multi-peer Connection menu (top right of navigation bar)


User Account

User Login


Song Attributes




Time signature

Time signature numerator

Time signature denominator



Auto save Project

Song Ending fade-out

Normalize Volume


Audio bus/outputs

Global bus routing

Load bus routing file

Reset bus routing

Audio output selection/reset audio engine


Advance Settings


Click Sound Options

Click Volume


Voice cues

Voice cue 

Voice cue countdown

Voice cue countdown bars


User drum loop

Drum loop selection

Original Tempo


Start offset



Enable MIDI trigger

Trigger prior to section start

Trigger always on section start

Connected MIDI Devices

Display MIDIO Logs


Linear Timecode

Linear Timecode 

Timecode Frame per sec value - 24,25,29.97df,29.97ndf,30,23.976


Remote Control

Multipeer Connection Control


Other Settings

BPM Precision

Pitch Drums Bus

Pitch Click Bus

Display Section Details always

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